Local Hikers Enjoy Autumn Colors

Potts Valley Rail-Trail Hike

Twenty-seven individuals came together Sunday, October 16th, to hike the Potts Valley Rail-Trail. Group hikes like this one were started to promote healthy and active communities, as well as a means to explore new places. The leaves were beautiful, the company was fabulous, food tasty, and precipitation minimal during the event.

During the outing, Susan, a hiking participant, reunited with her dog that had been missing for seven days. “Marigold” had gone missing approximately seven miles from where she and her owner reunited along the trail to the joy of everyone in the group!

The trail head begins in West Virginia, near the Virginia border, on the Waiteville Road in Monroe County. The railroad line was used by Norfolk and Western Railway between 1909 and 1932 to haul raw materials out of the mountainous environment. Though in the Appalachian Mountains, the trail bed has a mild grade, which made it easy to trains with heavy cargo to pull and for present day hikers to enjoy the five-mile section of the trail.

Thanks to WVU Monroe County Extension Service and Friends of Monroe for sponsoring this event!