Mushroom March in Monroe

My knowledge of mushrooms is very limited, based primarily on my food preferences and “shrooms” references.  So when I heard about a “Mushroom March”, I was curious to find out more about it (full disclosure, I was invited to cover … Read More

Local Hikers Enjoy Autumn Colors

Potts Valley Rail-Trail Hike Twenty-seven individuals came together Sunday, October 16th, to hike the Potts Valley Rail-Trail. Group hikes like this one were started to promote healthy and active communities, as well as a means to explore new places. The … Read More

Autumn Harvest Festival

WVU Considers Selling Donated Farm In Monroe County  The Autumn Harvest Festival in Monroe County is a yearly tradition.  Agriculture and community have been celebrated at this event for over three decades.  After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, … Read More